A new picture has gone up in the Art section, this by the very talented Daisy Abbott.

The digital people at Macmillan are just setting up an email for the site, but thereafter I will be taking submissions for further book-based art, so any artists, or friends of artists, out there, watch this space.

In other news, a short but sweet review is up at SF Revu here. So far so good. On the “all of the people all of the time” stakes, I’m expecting a pounding any day now. I shall be stoic, I promise. Or I shall track the reviewer down, smear them with honey and stake them out for the ants (1). But stoicism probably has a lot to recommend it as regards not writing the next one from prison (2), so there we go.

(1) I really don’t know if this works for British ants. They may not be voracious enough. You’d probably get hypothermia first.

(2) Worked for Geoffrey Archer.

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