I just flew back from Celsius 232 in Avlies, Asturia (1) which has got to be the most refreshingly different convention of my acquaintance. Conventions, in general, get out and about as much as bears in winter, generally lurking very much within the confines of their hotels – although Loncon 3 will shortly test this, as apparently it will be in tents, inside buildings (2). I may not have understood this properly. Anyway, the venue for Celsius 232 is basically… the entire town centre of Aviles. The convention is put on by the very beautiful town, and sort of wanders about along the main street, stopping in cafes and selling books from little cabins, and occasionally feeding everyone on fabada – just one of a truly astonishing range of local delicacies. Victory conditions for me included dinner with Tim Powers (3), deep philosophical chats with Patrick Rothfuss, breakfast with Dmitry Glukhovsky, catching up with Joe Abercrombie, but not actually meeting Brandon Sanderson, alas, who was a man significantly in demand as you can imagine.

So, next weekend is Nine Worlds, and the weekend after is Loncon3/Worldcon, and here is what I am doing for these things:

Nine Worlds Geekfest 2014

Friday 8th August

13.00-14.45 Writing the Inhuman (in which I plan to mainly talk about spiders. Because spiders)

14.45-15.15 – signing at Forbidden Planet(4)

15.15-16.30 – The Doctor’s Privilege (as in Doctor Who, not just the whole “Let me through!” thing when there’s an accident)

Saturday 9th August

13.30-14.45 – If the Doctor Was Cast As A Woman (also Doctor Who. Doctor Watson already has been.)

Sunday 10th August

10-11am – Signing Forbidden Planet (the return)

15.15-16.30 – The Bards Speak (about Game of Thrones. Me and Shakespeare, we got this.)

Fantasy In the Court

Tuesday 12th August with all sorts of crazy fantasy people

Loncon 3 / Worldcon 2014 (5)

Thursday 14th August

22.00-22.30 Reading slot (probably a complete short story, but I may also have a sneak advance section from Guns of the Dawn, so if you want that, come and demand it at the right time!)

Friday 15th August

10.00-11.00 I Like My Secondary World Fantasy a Little on the Techy Side

15.00-16.30 Developing LARPs – World vs Character

16.30-? Newcon books launch – various titles including “Paradox” which I have a thing in.

21.00-23.00 Welcome Party (for people who turn up halfway through and have no idea what the hell is going on)

Saturday 16th August

13.30-15.00 Who Misplaced the Monstrous Compendium? (also: why, for me, it will always be the Monster Manual. That dates me.)

Sunday 17th August

11.00-12.00 Kaffeeklatsch (6)

18.00-19.00 The Seriousness Business (debate on why TV these days is so serious – NOT the “Being the Joker” masterclass)

Monday 18th August

11.00-12.00 Fermi Paradox Book Discussion (this is the Paradox anthology being launched by Newcon in which I have a story)

NOTE: I am not doing a signing slot for Loncon! Probably because I didn’t ask for one. If you would like me to sign something, please grab me as I come out of a panel, or just if you happen to see me around (or come to the reading, that’s always welcome). I am always happy to sign books (7).

(1) and boy are my arms tired!

(2) Unless I misheard, and it will just be intense.

(3) Though not at Deviant’s Palace

(4) Yes, this is kind of minimalist owing to some shuffling around of other tracks – I have a fuller slot on the Sunday morning, as you’ll see.

(5) Quite a good result for the Worldcon 1st eleven there owing to very poor defensive tactics by Loncon Athletic

(6) Still don’t know what this is. Turn up, we can find out together!

(7) Not body parts. Not after the last time.

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