That Adrian Tchaikovsky, all he does is post about conventions. Well yes,, that does seem to be the case just now, but mostly because all I do is go to them. Fantasycon, and then Titancon the week after, and then I get some breathing space before Bristol. Seriously, though, I have post ideas backing up. I want to do some more recommended reading, although the content of that is slowly being bloated out by all the good stuff I got at Loncon. I want to do a post about race fail in children’s television. I want to do a post about worldbuilding and ecology in World of Warcraft. Would anyone actually want to read that? I mean, that’s just crazy-talk right?

Anyway, if anyone is coming to Fantasycon 2014 in York (1), you can find me doing these things.

4pm Friday 5th September – The Great Big Tor Launchathon! Actually this was originally just Adam Nevill’s launch for his new book No One Gets Out Alive – and in fact the very first opportunity for anyone to get copies of the book, I believe, but Adam is a very generous fellow and offered to share his spot with some fellow Tor authors, so I shall be there touting Seal of the Worm, Paul Cornell will have Severed Streets up for grabs, and Frank Tallis will have his The Voices.

11am Saturday 6th September – The Pen vs The Sword – a panel where I, Juliet McKenna, Clifford Beale, Stephen Aryan and Fran Terminiello talk about fight craft and translating it onto the page. Apparently there may be demonstrations. Juliet McKenna is noteworthy for having thrown Joe Abercrombie across a room once. Don’t fancy my chances.

1pm Saturday – Abaddon Launch – Abaddon are launching their alt-world Sherlock Holmes anthology 221 Baker Streets in which I have a brand new story.

2pm Saturday – It Ain’t Half Grimdark Mum – no, sorry, Beyond Grimdark. A popular panel topic for this year. Is it Mo’grimmer, Mo’darker, or is there a light at the end of the grim tunnel? Joining me in the shadows will be David Moore, Martin Taylor, Jen Williams and James Oswald.6

3.40pm Saturday – my reading slot! I shall be doing a super secret sneak peak of Guns of the Dawn plus probably a very short story.

6.30pm The Great Big Mass Signing. Presumably a joggling-for-elbow-room sort of deal. Previous Fantasycons have made this event something of a Tumbleweed Pride Parade save for the guests of honour, so for God’s sake somebody bring something for me to sign.

2.30pm Sunday 7th September – British Fantasy Awards, God help me.

(1) I told my fight class about this; they were mightily impressed. Turned out they thought I meant New York.

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