About time for a ltitle run around of reviews and the like. This is, I stress with the greatest sincerity, not because I can’t get enough of myself, but mere good manners. Still…

Speculative Horizons have a very pleasant review of Empire in Black and Gold up, after their previous interview. Balanced, too. See, I take criticism (1). While you’re at the site, I compel, exhort and conjure thee to read the article on Paolini, because I almost ruptured something when I read it, and I want to share that with you.

Bookspotcentral has a new interview, which goes into all sorts of awkward detail.

And Pat, of Pat’s Fantasy Hotlist fame, very kindly asked me for a guest column, which is why this is appearing there, rather than here. Read and enjoy.

On a less self-obsessed note, I understand that the current SFX issue is the annual one with the new writers short stories, the pick of SFX’s yearly crop. I’m all for supporting new writers, still essentially being one, and so I invoke and divest you to go pick up a copy. Then you can say “oh I was reading him/her before he/she was famous” later on, when they are.



(1) if it’s not nailed down, I’ll take just about anything. Except umbrage. I’m lovely that way.

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