Firstly, and before everything gets transmuted to Dysprosium (2), I had an awesome time at Luxcon. I got to pal around the Peadar O Guilin and Aliette de Bodard – both authors whose work I tremendously admire. I got to play in a zombie survival game – as myself – run by local GM Ben, and I and the other guests got enormously well looked-after. I also got to make the acquaintance of the awesome Miltos Yerolemou, Syrio Forel from Game of Thrones, who gave a fantastic interview where he talked about his work on GoT and absolutely refused to talk about his work on the new Star Wars movie (because my man Miltos knows about non-disclosure agreements :) )

Barely time to catch my breath before Dysprosium, aka Eastercon. We are the Egg Men.

What I Am Doing At Eastersprosium.

Friday 17.30 – Panel: Cryptids – a Modern Bestiary, with Seanan McGuire, Peter Harrow and Tom Lloyd

Friday 18.45 – Panel: YA Fiction- a Maturing Readership – something of a late entry ergo I’m not actually named on the current programme for it. With Peadar O Guilin, Emjay Ameringen and, I think, Frances Hardinge

Sunday 11.15 Panel: Holmes – with Linda Stratmann and Sam Stone.

Sunday 15.00 Panel: Writing David Gemmell – with Ed Cox, Gaie Sebold, Freda Warrington and Ian Whates. Note this is off-piste as part of the Newcon Press programming in room 15 – see p29 (currently) in the programme for the Newcon stuff – there are some particularly good panels hiding away in their list.

Also I will be part of a general signing at 16.15 on Saturday so if you have something for me to sign, preferably a lucrative film deal, come on over.

(1) That’s, er, lovely, Harry, but why don’t we go back to “The Stainless Steel Rat” for now.

(2) Voted “Element that most sounds as though you’re talking about a disease when you start to say it” three years running.

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