Or, as originally typed, of Tim. No idea what a book called Children of Tim would be like. Possibly a generational sequel to The Tim Machine and A Dance to the Music of Tim.

Children of Time is out! Not with a bang but a scuttle of little arachnid feet.

If you’re interested in some actors I think should play the leads in any film of Children of Time then you should click here, but only after remembering what a terrible person I am.

The first reviews are in, so if you’re sitting on the fence about the book (1) then I am very happy to say it’s had some cracking reviews.

Also, as usual, I’ve been guest posting it about the place. You’ve hopefully read and enjoyed the little prequel pieces on this site, but you may also like:

Home Sweet Home : Generation ships and failed space colonies, a brief look at some of my favourites (tor.com)

On the Origin of Portiids : a look at speculative evolution and how I came up with the inhabitants of Kern’s World (sfbook.com).

Human, Near Human, Non-human : writing the monster as character (basically last year’s favourite con panel topic) (a dribble of ink).

10 Things to Take With You When Starting an Extrasolar Colony :  Because if you don’t start packing now, it’ll be too late (fantastical librarian).

Finally, Spiders in Space (2), an interview over on Tor UK’s site.

(1) If you’re a regular reader of the blog, and sitting on the fence about the books, then that just goes to show what a terrible internet communicator I am.

(2) OK not actually called that, but not for want of trying.

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