CYmx9OkWMAAWTrIThe Tiger and the Wolf comes out in about three weeks, and I shall be part of an Authorial Omnithon at London’s Forbidden Planet on the 12th of February BUT THAT IS NOT ALL! As well as the chance to pick up a signed copy of the start of my new series, containing words nobody has ever seen before (1), but you should also come along for my esteemed colleagues Den Patrick, Mark Turner and the very talented Peter Newman. We shall be there, and we shall line up and look like the worst boy band ever. This is Fantastic Fantasy (2) and it will occur only when the clocks strike six and cease promptly when they strike seven, after which we will turn into pumpkins and go and get drunk somewhere.

Also in London, I am the guest of Jen Williams and Den Patrick at the Super Relaxed Fantasy Club on Tuesday 23rd February where I will be doing a reading, answering questions and then my usual thing of just lurking about awkwardly. Details can be had in due course from their Facebook page here. I would also note that Jen Williams will be signing copies of her own The Silver Tide, the third in the Copper Promise series at 6pm on 25th February that week.


(1) Small print: all words may have been seen before individually but hopefully not in this order

(2) They should have just called it “Fantastical Fantastical” like the show title from Moulin Rouge.


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