spiderlight_finalIn August, Tor.com will be publishing my novel Spiderlight, which will be my first US-side release for… a long time, actually. It will also be available in the UK, and possible elsewhere. Possibly I’ll do a signing tour of Mirkwood.

The cover for the book has just been revealed and I give you it here. This is not only a fantastic fantasy cover, but if you feel it looks a little like the cover of a fantasy RPG book, the artist is Tyler Jacobson who you might best know as responsible for the cover of the D&D 5th edition Players’ Handbook. That’s right, I have a book cover by a D&D artist. I cannot stress how very, very happy this makes me. I never thought it was a thing that could happen, but if I’d thought of it, it would have been a writing victory condition. Also, I have endless respect for an artist who does a good spider without anthropomorphising it at all. :)

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