spiderlight_finalSpiderlight is out today! And getting some very nice reviews, for which I and all the little spiders are properly grateful. The book gets a mention in Leah Schnelbach’s “fiction’s greatest spiders” article here (can you believe someone beat me to that article?), I sneak into Barnes & Noble’s new release list (along with Emma Newman’s new Split Worlds novel, about which I am unreasonably excited), and if you’ve got this far on my blog but are still kind of scratching your head and thinking, “not sure about this weird spider guy” then the first chapter is up at Geek Syndicate here with a very nice review here, DJ at MyLifeMyBooksMyEscape has a special Spiderlight-themed interview here and Holy Mother of God if that hasn’t swayed you then you are made of stone.

Anyway, as one of the chief schticks of Spiderlight is the deconstruction of the traditional fantasy setting, as seen and loved in tabletop RPGs everywhere, I thought I would introduce you to the cast of characters in a particularly appropriate way: please, then, meet our heroes of the hour:


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