The paperback edition of The Tiger and the Wolf is now on the shelves, and so I’m following my own recent tradition of dream-casting the not-at-all-happening movie of the film.Shadows of the Apt and Children of Time, would have difficulty translating to screen, I think – the former because of the high-concept axioms of the fantasy work, Art, Aptitude and the like, the latter because half the action takes place amongst giant spiders who communicate via interpretive dance. Tiger & Wolf, however, like Guns of the Dawn, feels more screen-ready. With sufficient budget to cover the transformations it could actually be a thing.

I’ll be doing a Spiderlight casting call soon enough, so any suggestions welcome.

Here we go, anyway: on with the casting.

maniye devery jacobshesprec sidney poitierakrit rodney a grantManiye – Devery Jacobs, Hesprec Essen Skese – Sidney Poitier, Akrit Stone River – Rodney A Grant

kalameshli wes studiBroken Axe martin sensmeieraritchaka purva bediKalameshli Takes Iron – Wes Studi, Broken Axe – Martin Sensmeier, Aritchaka – Purva Bedi

asmander raleigh ritchieshyri priyanka chopravenat lawrence makoareAsmander – Raleigh Ritchie, Shyri – Priyanka Chopra, Venat – Lawrence Makoare

loud thunder branscombe richmondmother elaine mileslone mountain gil birminghamLoud Thunder – Branscombe Richmond, Mother – Elaine Miles, Lone Mountain – Gil Birmingham

amiyen shatters oak alex ricesmiles without teeth michael horsealladai riz ahmedAmiyen Shatters Oak – Alex Rice, Smiles Without Teeth – Michael Horse, Alladai – Riz Ahmed

two heads zahn mcclarnonquiet when loud lisaraye mccoyjoalpey sakina jaffreyTwo Heads Talking – Zahn McClarnon, Quiet When Loud – LisaRaye McCoy, Joalpey – Sakina Jaffrey

serpent girl quvenzhane walliesyellow claw david midthundergrey herald lou diamond phillipsSerpent Girl –  Quvenzhané Wallis, Yellow Claw – David Midthunder, Grey Herald – Lou Diamond Philips

Thanks to contributors on Facebook, especially Femke Giesolf.

For your ease of reference, if you want to compare and contrast, my previous casting calls are here:

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