So this weekend is Sci Fi London’s grand convention, which is looking exceptionally interesting, even without yours truly actually having a couple of spots there.

Apparently there are tickets and other business about the panels, so if you are interested, best to go to their site and sort something out.

On the Monday afternoon, at around 4, we will be having a Coffee Klatch, which I understand is some manner of informal gathering. I believe that it is possible to sign up for this thing, whateverthehell it entails, and this can also be done, I think, at their site. Come along, we can find out what a Klatch is together (1).

The SF London site is here.

More posting soon – another story, certainly, and some sneak previews: the german-language covers, and the new map from Blood of the Mantis, any day now, promise.

(1) What is this earth thing you call Klatching

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