I have been writing my little socks off over the last couple of months, with relatively little respite in sight to be honest. I’ve just finished a novella for Rebellion and a novel for Solaris, both of which should be announced some time soonish, but until then I can’t get into the details. I’ve also agreed to write two new SF novels for Pan Macmillan as announced here. Busy busy, in other words. Before that, I’m just finishing off my final piece for the third Shadows of the Apt anthology from Newcon press and then hopefully another novella for Newcon before cracking down on the Pan Mac work.

Upcoming publications include:

  • A Time for Grief – the second Shadows of the Apt anthology from Newcon, collecting stories old and new covering from immediately before Empire to shortly after Seal of the Worm, to be officially released at Eastercon in a week’s time.
  • Ironclads – a near future military SF novella coming out from Solaris around November this year.
  • Dogs of War – a SF novel about war, transhumanism and bioengineered animals coming out from Head of Zeus, also around November this year.
  • The Hyena and the Hawk – the third and final book of Echoes of the Fall, coming out from Pan Macmillan around Feb/March 2018.

In am at Eastercon, at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole, this weekend coming. I’ve got the following shenanigans afoot, specifically:

  • Friday 14.30 Ready Steady Flash. With sinking heart I recall I volunteered for Lee Harris’s fiendish literary meatgrinder where I will compete with the vastly talented Aliette de Bodard, Ian Whates and Pad Cadigan to write on the spot stories in five minutes, God have mercy on my soul.
  • Friday 18.30 Newcon Press book launch, including A Time for Grief as above, plus lots of other good stuff.
  • Saturday 11.30 Panel “Fantastic Lessons for Scientists”. (with Aliette de Bodard, TJ Berg, Christianne Wakeham and Dr Justin Newland).
  • Saturday 19.00 Kaffeeklatsch – with Ed McDonald.
  • Sunday 10.00 – Signing books.

Apologies for the bare bones post. I hope to do a book recommendation piece shortly as I have been reading a whole load of very good stuff.


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