As a special note for those who are hoping for publication in the fantasy/SF genre(1), Tor UK have got together with Sci Fi Now to bring you a grand competition in which the prize for the winner is… just that: a book deal.

Read more about the competition here – they’re looking for a synopsis plus three chapters by 20th August. If you’re minded to give it a shot then, as your de facto legal advisor, I must of course advise you read all the terms and conditions carefully, as books involving dragons can go up as well as down.

Also on the Sci Fi Now website, Julie Crisp of Tor (who currently labours under the unfair stigma of being my editor there) talks about what Tor looks for in a submission, so this is probably a decent piece of research if you’re minded to go for the above. Read that here.

(1) However you might wish to define it, or refuse to define it.

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