The next few months have suddenly turned busy, as a number of threatened signings and events have materialised. So, here's the social calendar:

4th-5th February — SFX Weekender convention at Camber Sands.

11th February — signing stock for Forbidden Planet and Blackwells bookshop in London — not an actual signing but there will be signed books kicking about from then.

12th February 11am - signing at Waterstones, Broad Street, Reading.

19th February 2pm — signing at Travelling Man games shop, Leeds

5th March — time to be confirmed — signing at Waterstones Oxford (1)

12th March — time to be confirmed — signing alongside Justina Robson, Gary McMahon and Andy Remic at Waterstones, Leeds

25th-28th March — Pyrkon in Posnan, Poland, plus possible some sort of signing or similar in Wroclaw, thanks to Rebis for making the arrangements!

25th-26th June — Alt Fiction in Derby, more details to come.

(1) if there is more than one Waterstones in Oxford then I don't know which one.

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