A little jig around but:

12th March – 11am-1pm signing at Leeds Waterstones in excellent company, vis Justina Robson (last book of her Quantum Gravity series just out!), and Gary McMahon and Andy Remic who write for Angry Robot.

9th April – signing at Oxford Waterstones – time to be confirmed. This is the 5th March event that’s been rescheduled.

I am just finishing the first round of edits on Heirs of the Blade (1), which has probably seen more reworking than any previous book. Mind you, I could have said the same about Sea Watch at the time. I suspect it’s something endemic to late-series books.

(1) trips off the tongue. You’d never know just how much brainstorming went into getting that title. Original working title was Broken Threads, and we went through dozens of ideas and permutations before we got something everyone was happy with. But ‘heirs’, plural? you ask? Why yes indeed…

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