Very brief post to confirm the Oxford Waterstones signing on the 9th April will be a 2pm.

Tomorrow for the Leeds Waterstone alongside Robson, Remic & McMahon, please do come along if you can.

End of the month is Pyrkon over in Wroclaw, Poland. I’m doing a talk. Apparently. This is a bit new, and it will also be kind of through-translated. Not sure how that’s gonna turn out. We’ll see. Possibly I’ll be touring the after-dinner fantasy/entomology circuit before you know it.

On a completely separate note, Adam Gauntlett, whose work graces the story section of this site, has written a very interesting (not to say mind-boggling if you haven’t seen the film in question) article over at Escapist concerning Role-playing games, and reactions to them – find it here.

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