This is going to be the last short for a while, as I’m on the very cusp of starting on Book 9, which so far going under the working title of “I haven’t the faintest idea what the title will be” or, given that my publishers have a fondness for punchy titles, “I haven’t the faintest idea what the title will be of doom“.

Cities of Silver is the first outing for Doctor Ludweg Phinagler (1) who will hopefully return for a few more adventures later. He promises to be a useful vehicle to explore some corners of the kinden’s world that the main plot won’t have the change to seriously examine (indeed if anyone has anywhere in particular they would like the good doctor to go, by all means pipe up.)

It’s also worth saying that I am obviously lying through my teeth about “short”. This one ballooned into something more like a novella than a short story. The Doctor does tend to go on.

Finally, this story stands as an artifact within the kinden’s world. It is a book (2) printed and sold in Collegium, and cheaply at that, in the general category of “awful books”, originally stories to inspire awe, but more lately simply sensationalist unlikely stories. Hence the actual truth of anything that our narrator Fosse sets down should be treated with a pinch of mineral salts.

Nonetheless, the story can be found here. Enjoy.

(1) Anyone who has been obsessively reading this blog since Way Back(tm) may remember the distant genesis and inspiration here.

(2) or at least an English translation of one, I suppose.

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