Time for another soundtrack, this time the musical stylings of Khanaphes.

Track 1 – Overture (A Distant Sadness, from Battlestar Galactica Season 3 by Bear McCreary)

Track 2 – Che Voyaging (The Bunker (Reprise), from Shadow of the Vampire by Daniel Jones)

Track 3 – Che and Thalric (The Lonely Voyage, from Shadow of the Vampire by Daniel Jones)

Track 4 – Meet the Scorpions (The Yahoos, from Gulliver’s Travels by Trevor Jones (1))

Track 5 – The Statues of Khanaphes (Cobol’s Last Gleaming, from Battlestar Galactica Season 1 by Bear McCreary)

Track 6 – Amnon’s Hunt (Main Title, from Walking with Beasts by Ben Bartlett)

Track 7 – Field Battle (Way of the Sword, from The Last Samurai by Hans Zimmer)

Track 8 – Teuthete’s Strike (Fear is the Mind Killer, from Children of Dune by Brian Tyler)

Track 9 – Lost in the Catacombs (Main Title from Aliens by James Horner)

Track 10 – The Works of the Masters (The Mage Tower from Icewind Dale by Jeremy Soule(2))

Track 11 – The Blue Lamps / Going after Osgan (What If?, from The Time Machine by Klaus Badelt)

Track 12 – Breaking from the Nightmare (The Master, from The Time Machine by Klaus Badelt (3))

Track 13 – Meyr – (Do You Think I’m Saxon, from King Arthur by Hans Zimmer)

Track 14 – Holding the Bridge (Morlocks, from The Time Machine by Klaus Badelt)

Track 15 – Watching the Past Unfold – (This is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home, from Doctor Who Season 3 by Murray Gold)

Track 16 – The River (Lamia’s Doll, from Stardust by Ilan Eshkeri)

Track 17 – The Masters’ Regret (Bloodshed, from Battlestar Galactica Series 1 by Bear McCreary)

For reference, previous soundtracks can be found at: Empire in Black and Gold, Dragonfly Falling, Blood of the Mantis and Salute the Dark.

(1) Not the recent film with Jack Black but the phenomenal TV movie with Ted Danson that Hallmark (I think) did years ago.

(2) Yes, the computer game, but the did put out a soundtrack.

(3) An extra ten years of purgatory to me for having these two tracks backwards.

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