The Reading signing, this Friday 14th at 6-8pm, will be at the Oracle shopping centre Waterstones, not the Broad Street one I’ve been at before (1). Saturday’s threeway signathon at Forbidden Planet, London, 1-2pm is still on as advertised.

I will also be signing somewhat festively at the Leeds Waterstones 12-2 on Friday the 16th December this year, if you’re more north-oriented (3). Oxford signing still being arranged.

Lastly, I see today that LEC Book Reviews has got in with an early and pleasant review of Heirs of the Blade (4).

(1) Don’t know if this is because it’s a Friday or because of vicious inter-store politics. (2)

(2) Backstage, as it were, in the Broad Street Waterstones in Reading – the bits only the staff get to see – was an experience. Everywhere there were motivational posters with Mr Men on them, exhorting the staff to remember various items of shop policy. It was like a fascist state run by Roger Hargreaves.

(3) which should be an oxymoron.

(4) and not Heirs of the Balde as I constantly mistype.

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