Another post! What do I think this is, Twitter? Anyway, the signing mills are grinding somewhat faster these days so this is really an upd

Hmm. Just as well this isn’t twitter. Can’t be brief to save my life (1).

Anyway, an update of the last one – so grand Heirs of the Blade tour is now:

Friday 14th October (vis: tomorrow) 6-8pm Reading Waterstones (Oracle one)

Saturday 15th October, 1-2pm, London Forbidden Planet

Possibly Saturday 12th November Leeds Travelling Man – TBC

Saturday 19th November, 12-2pm Oxford Waterstones

Friday 16th December 12-2pm  Leeds Waterstones.

In addition, together with the  review of Heirs of the Blade from LEC Book Reviews, I’m happy to see that Liviu has put a review up at Fantasy Book Critic and still likes the series, so all good there.

(1) Just look at the page counts.

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