or suddenly realizing it’s been a while since the last post.

There is a schedule up now for Alt Fiction, which has some good-looking stuff in it. It’s an event I’ve much enjoyed in past years, and looking good this year too.

Somewhat late with this one, but I have a blog post up at the Tor blog here where I basically have a further rant about world building and Shadows of the Apt in particular. Anyone at Picocon may recognise some of this, as it was written at the same time as some of my talk. It’s not the “how to write a generic fantasy epic” though, although tbh that went down quite nicely so I may yet recycle it.

Finally I am very excited about the upcoming launch of Dark Currents (1) from Newcon Press – it’s got one hell of a lineup of writers behind it, and my own story, The Fall of Lady Sealight, is one I’m particularly fond of. Click on the link and you can pre-order a copy too. It’s going to get its launch at Eastercon, so that’s probably a good chance to get copies signed.

(1) No dried fruit jokes, please.

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