The schedule for Nerdeast on 9th June in Durham is set – I will be giving some sort of talk, hopefully assisted by fellow author Russell Smith, from around 3pm. We’ll be the last people on, so if anyone fancies grabbing a drink (1) afterwards that’s probably a good time – also for getting stuff signed or similar. The talk is currently looking to be the fair shoe-in topic of gaming and writing, especially what modern fantasy writing owes to its gaming roots.

As noted, 30th June I’ll be in London at Forbidden Planet for a general small press minicon potlatch, including the release of Hauntings from Newcon Press in which I have a ghost story I’m rather proud of, entitled “Not a Cat Person.”  I’m also happy to relate that I’ve had a new story, “Good Taste” accepted for an anthology by Siren’s Call Publications, Now I Lay Me Down To Reap.

Finally, the second part of the Writing about Race interview conducted by Zach Jernagan is up at SF Signal here.

(1) I’m not saying “buying a thirsty author a drink” here. That would be boorish.

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