Just separating out the Fantasycon rigmarole into its own post:

OK, professional hat on first: expanded Fantasycon schedule now reads:

Friday 8pm — Mass author signing. Please come along to this. Last time I swear there were more authors than readers. Stephen Hunt and I sat there like lemons.

Saturday 29th 10-11am — Too Much Reality panel. 10am is also the launch of the Ancient Wonders anthology containing my story “Bones”.

Saturday 29th 10.30pm — Reading slot.

Sunday 11.30 — Launch of Hauntings limited signed editions. (This is a cracking ghost story anthology from Newcon Press including my story “Not a Cat Person”

Also, if someone is looking to mail-order a signed copy of The Air War I’ve just signed, lined and dated a box, and they can be found on Ebay (seller is Blobby20) or at Abe Books.

The “lined” part – and I have no idea how that got to be a thing, but apparently it’s a thing – was interested. The first line of Air War seems really innocuous – “Nobody built cities with aviators in mind.” And then the plot unfolds, and that little throwaway remark is essentially a particularly grim foreshadowing of all the things that happen throughout the book. It is not a book where cities and aviators particularly see eye to eye, as the cover shows.

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