I confidently expect the final proofs of War Master’s Gate to land on my doorstep any day now, which is always the most rushed and least fun part of the whole publishing circus. However, that will be my last farewell to the book until it hits shelves in August this year. It should be a good one: it brings together the more mystical goings-on of Heirs of the Blade with the epic conflict of The Air War, so something for everyone I hope.

As noted, I’m somewhat ahead, so Seal of the Worm has been completed and submitted, and the standalone scheduled to come after that, my pseudo-Napoleonic fantasy currently entitled Guns of the Dawn, is also done. However, after a few months pottering about on private projects, I’m now turning my attention to the Next Big Thing. After Guns of the Dawn the next series starts, and I’ve now finished a considerable amount of world-building and cultural design in order to get the first words down. It’s a big thing – although there have been other things in between this feels like the first big step for me after finishing Shadows of the Apt. Let’s see how it goes.

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