Super Secret Project Zeta Go!

I am very glad to announce that Tor UK have picked up a brand new novel of mine, as they announce here.

This is in addition to Guns of the Dawn (1) and the new series that will start with The Tiger and the Wolf. As you’ll note, the new book is a bit of a step for me, as it’s leaving the familiar lands of fantasy fiction and stepping into the future.

Portia’s Children (2) will be my first ever full length science fiction novel, now with Real Science ™. Or at least that’s the idea. I guess we’ll find out just how good the sci-fu of my sci-fi actually is when people get to read it. As per various mentions of Super Secret Project Zeta. this is something I’ve been working on a while, and entirely without any certainty of publication, because it was an idea that got its teeth into me and just wouldn’t let go. The result was something that turned out to be quite personal to me, and I’m delighted (/surprised) that Tor like it and want to perpetrate it on a wider audience, rather than burying it and me in a bunker somewhere and denying all knowledge of our existence.

Beyond that, and the teaser synopsis in the Tor link above (3) I will for the moment keep schtumm on who Portia is, and what’s the big deal about her children, and what, oh what will happen to poor suffering humanity. Being a megalomaniac writer with the fate of the species in my hands is fun. (4)

(1) Holding title still, Hopefully by the time it gets released in early 2015 we’ll have actually thought of what to call it.

(2) This title I’m happy with. Let them try to shift me from it.

(3) Which may in fact be not only inaccurate, but an intentional campaign of misinformation as to what the book is actually about. No promises, guarantees or warranties :)

(4) No it’s not just Shadows of the Apt in space. It’s not. Seriously it’s not, not in any way. Maybe.

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