It’s that time again, a small trumpet-blowing post appealing to your love of democracy (1).

The David Gemmell awards longlist is up, and War Master’s Gate is on it. Although I have a well-advertised allergy to any kind of award – meaning that the world, out of consideration for my fragile health, has ensured I never get near any – there’s always a chance to at least hit the shortlist, which would only bring me out in hives and would probably be survivable. Voting is open to everyone, and all you need to do is hop onto their site here and cast your stone as your conscience demands. But, as you’re about to click, imagine me stumbling down a wintry street like a Dickensian beggar, stopping at the big awards ceremony and pressing my nose to the window, ignored by the cheery throng inside. Just saying.

There are also two other awards on the go. The Morningstar award is for best newcomer (2), whilst the Ravenheart award is for cover art, so while you’re there you should pick a horse for those races too.

(1) and, hopefully, of Shadows of the Apt.

(2) You know, the award that started up one year after I would have been eligible. Not that I’m bitter or anything. After all, I must think of those allergies.

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