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Adam writes:

I’m Adam. I write.

I suppose I’m a kind of Caliban in this brave new world; I don’t write a blog. I’ve never really learnt the knack. I do a little bit for Yog-Sothoth (the Bookshelf, on Yog Radio – look for it in the audio downloads at Yog-Sothoth.com if you’re feeling keen) but it’s not the same thing.

Now, I’m fondest of history, horror and crime, in that order. Exceptionally cunning readers might notice at least one of my sources. You probably won’t notice the other, which springs from an amateur’s interest in cypher. In this instance the cypher is based on telegraph code, which grew out of a desire to transmit as much information as possible as cheaply as possible. Since the charge was per word, the end result was that one small word could do extra duty, as per:

Enrique streamlet solstice turtle worthily

The ship Enrique is stranded but not seriously damaged, through the fault of the pilot. Tugs are assisting; more details to follow.

[see also ABC Telegraphic Code]

For those of you who want to know what else I’ve written , most of my published work is RPG based. I’ve written two articles for Pagan’s Unspeakable Oath (it can’t be dead if it eternal lies) and an article for Chaosium about Prohibition. For those more interested in history I can recommend my work on the 21 Club in New York, which can be found on their website 21club.com. I also heartily recommend the 21; it’s a friendly place, and one of my favorites.

Watch this space.

Curtain’s up! Enjoy the show.”


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