Dublin, Nottingham, Lightspeed!

Firstly, holy hell yes does the structure of this site need updating. That is being looked at. Secondly, Bristolcon was a blast. I was on a really interesting, gritty panel on AIs that delivered (for me anyway) on an intellectual. I got to be the Prophet of Doom, which is a panel role I occasionally […]

Thoughts Bubbled

So: thank you to everyone who came to get books signed at Thought Bubble in Leeds, which put a pleasant debt in Travelling Man’s stock if nothing else. Other results of my visit there: Quest to meet Kate Beaton: failed! By the time my signing spot had ended she was on a panel, and some […]

Signing the Air War: Leeds

So, as mentioned, I will be at Thought Bubble at Leeds, and will be on the Travelling Man stand happy to sign books, some of which will also be there in a buyable condition. Thought Bubble is taking place mostly over the weekend of 17-18 November at the New Dock Casino in Leeds, opposite the […]

Nerdeast and Writing About Race updates

The schedule for Nerdeast on 9th June in Durham is set – I will be giving some sort of talk, hopefully assisted by fellow author Russell Smith, from around 3pm. We’ll be the last people on, so if anyone fancies grabbing a drink (1) afterwards that’s probably a good time – also for getting stuff signed […]

Eastercon Schedule

Damn me, but there is a lot of good stuff at Eastercon, enough that I would need about three of me working in shifts to see all the panels, talks, readings etc. that caught my eye. (Link to schedule here.) My own appearances at the con are: Friday 6th – 5pm – room 12 – […]

Future visions

… grand title for glorified news post. Quick event update: this weekend I’m guest of honour at Picocon alongside serious SF authors Justina Robson and Tricia Sullivan, and am going to have to make some sort of speech. I have no fricking idea what I’m going to say, a state of affairs that may persist […]

And it’s 2012

And nuts to the Mayans (1). I will shortly have a crack at another post on computer games, this time with the spotlight on role-playing (or lack of same), but currently research is, er, taking up all my time. For now, just a quick update. The various projects that I previously mentioned I was contributing […]

Oxford and Leeds signings and more reviews

Another post! What do I think this is, Twitter? Anyway, the signing mills are grinding somewhat faster these days so this is really an upd Hmm. Just as well this isn’t twitter. Can’t be brief to save my life (1). Anyway, an update of the last one – so grand Heirs of the Blade tour […]

Event news revised – and first review for Heirs of the Blade

The Reading signing, this Friday 14th at 6-8pm, will be at the Oracle shopping centre Waterstones, not the Broad Street one I’ve been at before (1). Saturday’s threeway signathon at Forbidden Planet, London, 1-2pm is still on as advertised. I will also be signing somewhat festively at the Leeds Waterstones 12-2 on Friday the 16th […]

News and new covers.

It’s that time of year, or one of those times of year, when there’s basically too much to blog about (1) First of all, Signings and Events for the near and moderate future now include: This weekend (30th September-1st October) Fantasycon, Royal Albion Hotel, Brighton. Complete programme here and rather like Alt Fiction earlier on, […]