Soundtracks for an Insect Age – Salute the Dark

Somewhat late, but here we are. Again, if you haven’t read the book yet, moderate to high spoiler warnings. Track 1 – Uctebri has the Shadow Box (The Daleks, from Dr Who series 1 by Murray Gold) Track 2 – The Merchant Companies depart (Farewells, the Storm, from Rome by Jeff Beal) Track 3 – […]

A Very Merry Mythmas to all our Readers

Not in any way festive, and thereby able to offend all denominations at once, my compliments of the season are to be found here with apologies to all concerned. Be warned, it’s somewhat of a large pdf.


Just behold, that’s all. Courtesy of the very talented Mr Sullivan.

New Art! Tynisa by Tula Lotay

I am also delighted to give you: Tynisa Enjoy!

New Art! Cheerwell Maker by Kekejefferis

It’s been a while, but we have some new art. As posted elsewhere, Kekejefferis has painted Cheerwell Maker on Deviantart here.

Soundtracks for an Insect Age: Blood of the Mantis

Following on from the previous two, here is my track listing for book 3. As before, you could probably glean some spoilers from this if you really wanted. Blood of the Mantis (un)original soundtrack Track 1 – The Wasps come to Tharn (Lento, from Aliens 3 by Eliot Goldenthal) Track 2 – Teornis Plots (The Shape of […]

Soundtracks for an Insect Age: Dragonfly Falling

Following on from the critically acclaimed soundtrack for Empire in Black and Gold, I now prolong this exercise in vanity just so far. Be warned, here be Spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read Dragonfly Falling.  Dragonfly Falling (un)original Soundtrack Track 1 – The Wasps come to Tark (The Blitz, from The Lion, the Witch and […]

New Story: The Chains of Helleron

As most of the recent stories have been, this is another sequel. In this case it’s the sequel to The Sun of the Morning, and unlike Rooftop Lovers or The Price of Salt it follows very closely on. The explots of Captain Mornen and his company are intended to form something almost like a novella […]

Soundtracks for an Insect Age: Empire in Black and Gold

Well, this is a piece of vanity and no mistake. However, the idea has grown on me, so here it is: the soundtrack to the movie of Empire and Black and Gold. Well, kind of. I’m something of a soundtrack buff, and my media player is stuffed with the things, and sometimes when I’m writing […]

New Story: Rooftop Lovers by Adam Gauntlett

A new story here for March by Adam is here for your delectation. This follows on from his Counterspies, which you can find here. Rooftop Lovers includes a few spoilers for Dragonfly Falling because of the time it’s set, but nothing overly significant. Enjoy!