And then write it again.

So, you write your book. In fact I wrote my first a considerable amount of time ago, while at school, and it was, frankly, not up to snuff. This is not something you tell a teenager who has just come into that idealistic and self-righteous phase that breeds brief generations of hippies, Marxists and environmentalists, […]

The Medium is the Message (or wtfblog)

But I digress: specifically I digress to consider this disturbing new phenomenon that is currently rife (and it’s rare to get a chance to use the word ‘rife’) on our streets: the blog. It’s a strange condition that prompts people who are (one assumes) otherwise sane to actively perpetrate a kind of personal reality television […]

Moving House is Hard to Do.

Considerably harder than, say, breaking up, no matter what Neil Sedaka has to say about it.   This has nothing to do with writing, insects, fantasy or blogs, save in that it accounts for the somewhat scattershot nature of entries at this end. Second post and already subject drift has set in. Never mind. It’s […]