Facilitating Excellence Solutions

I used to engage in a certain amount of amateur dramatics, back in the day, and after a while I became sufficiently unwise as to get involved in committees and the like, and become something of a Figure in the Community, thus descending into the traditional pit of tribal politics and mud-slinging that these concerns […]

The Serpent in the Garden : a rant about children’s television

In The Night Garden would be a perfectly acceptable title for a certain type of fantasy novel, probably featuring a proud female protagonist hampered by a restrictive society who finds freedom and emancipation by way of her discovery of a supernatural plotstick that manifests via the aforementioned nocturnal allotment, probably some part of the palace […]

Getting the Message Across

Some random rants with a pretence at a linking theme.   There is a sign at Leeds train station that says “Stay off the tracks”. It is painted, black letters in a white box, on the front of each platform, so as to be easily visible from the far side.   The mind boggles. What […]