About time for a ltitle run around of reviews and the like. This is, I stress with the greatest sincerity, not because I can’t get enough of myself, but mere good manners. Still… Speculative Horizons have a very pleasant review of Empire in Black and Gold up, after their previous interview. Balanced, too. See, I take […]

Their Nourishmente

A number of people have been on at me with eminently sensible questions about everyday details of the lives of the kinden, and mostly of the “where does everything come from, if it’s insects all the way?” kind. Hence, whilst this entry won’t be the most fiercely enthralling for lovers of swordplay and the clashes […]

The Ants go Marching

September is Ant month? Why? Why not! A new picture by David Mumford, and a new short story showcasing an old friend from Empire in Black and Gold. Enjoy.

Short story – Loyalties by Adrian Tchaikovsky

To go with David’s art, here’s a story about Ant-kinden in general, and one Ant-kinden in particular. Balkus, Scuto’s renegade Sarnesh friend, is only a bit-player in Empire in Black and Gold, but he has more important things ahead of him in Dragonfly Falling. here then is a chapter from his earlier days, making a living as […]

Ant-kinden – Art by David Mumford

The military power of Ant-kinden city-states has dominated the Lowlands since the revolution. Using their Art to link minds, to fight and work together with flawless discipline, they would have conquered the world by now, save that they reserve their most abiding loathing for Ant-kinden of any other city but their own. Renegade Ants, those […]

The Camel and the Dolphin, or, Journalism: You’re Doing It Wrong (1)

I think I’m due an undirected rant, and so let’s have a look at this news article. The entomological pedant (2) within me would like to make known the following:   1. Most critically, final paragraph, the camel spider, or solifugid, is not an insect, for the love of all that’s chitinous. This utter failure of […]