Why this is very Multimedia Madness

In which an author explodes in all directions at once.   I’ve been lamentably neglectful of this site since the last story went up, and so here is a brief update and philosphiae to keep the wheels turning (1).   Multimedia is big business these days (2). It’s a word thrown about like the wizards […]

Come Fly With Me…

It’s the turn of the Fly-kinden this month, with a new short story, Fallen Heroes, here and another piece of David Mumford’s excellent art here. Enjoy! I’ve been criminally lax in linking to David’s other art (1), so I’ve added him to the blogroll (ridiculously ungracious name!) and you can see more of his work here. […]

New Art: Fly-kinden by David Mumford

Another of David’s pieces, this time his take on the ubiquitous Fly-kinden. Diminutive Fly-kinden live everywhere in the Lowlands and beyond. Clannish and pragmatic, and unrivalled in the air, they form a thriving underclass wherever they go: cheap labour for the Beetles, servants for the Spiders, military scouts for the Wasps. Fly-kinden are the world’s […]

New short story: Fallen Heroes by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Most of the short Shadows of the Apt fiction on this site will touch on the main series, even if sometimes only peripherally. It is entirely possible that Varmen or Averis may at some point cross the pages of a future volume. However, with a nod to the fact that Balkus the Ant was the […]