Further and Better Autotrumpetry

Firstly, a little further autotrumpetry (1). Scott Carter of The First Book has put up an interview here. This is a particularly nice site, as it focuses on the first works of new authors, as the site title suggests. Having spent so very long in becoming one, I’m all for encouraging the new. I should […]

The Insect of the Tragic Amours

So said Jean-Henri Fabre when describing the praying mantis, and Tisamon is no exception. So it’s Mantis month this month, and you can find David’s artwork here and the Mantis story, The Prince, here. The flagship Mantis-kinden in Empire in Black and Gold is Tisamon, of course, but he’s not exactly a typical Mantis for a […]

Mantis-kinden, by David Mumford

 You’ll find the latest piece of art by David here A relic of the dark ages before the revolution, Mantis-kinden were once the great fighting power in the world. Even though their time has passed and they field no armies and seldom take an interest in the world, they remain unequalled killers, swift and deadly […]

The Prince, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

  The latest Shadows of the Apt short story is to be found here. A lot of this batch of stories are, as you may have noticed, taking place specifically up in the Commonweal during the Twelve-years War with the Empire, a conflict over before Empire in Black and Gold starts, and taking place in […]