Season’s Greetings

Some snips from the back-catalogue. All the best for Christmas, New Year and whatever else you have to everyone.    

John, Paul, George and Stenwold

It’s the turn of the Beetle-kinden for December, as we begin the home run to February and the release of Dragonfly Falling. The Beetles are a mainstay of Empire in Black and Gold and its sequels: Stenwold and Cheerwell are two of the most important protagonists, Collegium perhaps the single most key place. Still, this […]

To Own the Sky, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This month’s story is a delve into the history of Collegium and the Beetle-kinden, taking place a generation before the events in Empire in Black and Gold. The world of Empire is the immediate product of the world shown in this story, from the advances of the Apt to Collegium’s burgeoning conflict with the Ant-kinden […]

Beetle-kinden, by David Mumford

Industrious and adaptable, the Beetle-kinden are the Lowlands’ great innovators, forever labouring to improve their lot. Merchants and artisans, scholars and artificers, their tireless drive for progress has driven forward the boundaries of technology and trade through an interplay of philanthropy and ruthless self-interest. Beetles truly embody the best and worst of the post-revolution world, […]

It’s Just a Step to the Right

Fascist Britain!   Bit of politics there, as Ben Elton used to say. No, we’re not fascist Britain (1), not by a long way, but we’ve been close before, and we can go there again, and it’s worth opening up a few classics of fantasy literature just to remind ourselves.   Recent politics brings this […]

And a couple more notes

Firstly, the music in my previous post about multimedia is now properly linked, so please go have a listen here. Secondly, and remarkably, Empire in Black and Gold made it into the Amazon “Best Science Fiction and Fantasy Books of 2008” here. I have no idea how this is compiled or what it’s based on, […]