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First of all I abjure, conjure and invoke you to go out and buy the Feb/March issue (issue 17) of the magazine Death Ray, for therein I have an article. Look at me the serious journalist. So: the Adrian Tchaikovsky world tour 2009 part 1(1) commences shortly. Please come along if you're in the area. I'll be […]

Lords of Darkness

It's the turn of the Moth-kinden this week, turning up at the eleventh hour as they always do. David Mumford has produced another of his masterworks here, whilst there's a new short story, Queen of the Night, here. To very loosely accompany the story, there is a new kinden article, concerning the intellectual life of the Lowlands, […]

Faculties of Literature

Literacy in Collegium is close to one hundred percent. Indeed, literacy across the Lowlands is extremely high. Collegium's academic credentials have a lot to do with this. The College and the Assembly ensure that a basic education is available for all, and charitable institutions such as the Way Brothers provide schools in Helleron and other cities. However […]

Queen of the Night, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This is one of my favourites, of the kinden stories I've posted up here, although it is something of a change of pace. There are three people in particular I should acknowledge, on the road to Queen of the Night. The first is a Mr Mozart, of whom you may have heard, whose contribution to the story is, hopefully, […]

Moth-kinden by David Mumford

    The Moth-kinden were once the dark masters of the Lowlands, holding the lesser races as their slaves. Then the revolution came and their power was broken by the new weapons and machines that their former subjects devised, and that they could not understand. Now, centuries later, they plot and argue in their mountain […]

A quote is for life…

Well! Less than a month til the release of Dragonfly Falling (1). Another story soon, this time to do with the Moth-kinden, or sort of. Hopefully also a little reference piece on art and literature in the Lowlands. We'll see (3). However, I acquired some new reading material this Christmas, and I wanted to share a couple of quotes with you, one […]

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