All Just a Big Con

So this weekend is Sci Fi London's grand convention, which is looking exceptionally interesting, even without yours truly actually having a couple of spots there. Apparently there are tickets and other business about the panels, so if you are interested, best to go to their site and sort something out. On the Monday afternoon, at around 4, […]

Conventional Weaponry

Adrian Tchaikovsky's Amazing Circus of Self-obsessed Rambling. Well now. From the 29th April to the 4th May Sci Fi London are holding their eighth great big SF convention. It promises to be one hell of an event, with all manner of games, films and discussions from every corner of the hobby. Frankly, look at the programme and […]

The Great Survivors

I probably won't be able to keep up this kinden per month business that much longer, not because I'll have run out of kinden (several million left to go) but because it's an artificial restriction on the content of stories. I'll still pop back for the odd showcase, and more art from David, however. This […]

Spoils of War, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

Another perspective on the Twelve-year War, starring the Roach-kinden Sfayot. This story has two influences: Conrad's Heart of Darkness (and Apocalypse Now that followed it) and the track "Mercutio's Death" from the 2nd soundtrack volume (i.e. the primarily score volume rather than the song album) to Luhrmann's Romeo and Juliet, which only goes to show how […]

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