World of Bugcraft –and– new story

Firstly, there's a new story up, Counterspies by Adam Gauntlett, which you can find here. Secondly, some of you may be aware of a dalliance entitled World of Warcraft (1). Well now, one feature of this global pastime is something called the armory, wherein you can look up all manner of things. And search the player database […]

Counterspies, by Adam Gauntlett

A new story introducing a different kind of Fly-kinden. Find it here. Adam writes: "I’m Adam. I write. I suppose I’m a kind of Caliban in this brave new world; I don’t write a blog. I’ve never really learnt the knack. I do a little bit for Yog-Sothoth (the Bookshelf, on Yog Radio – look for it in the audio downloads at […]

The Teutonic Connection

First of all, and not particularly Teuronically, you should most definitely go out and get hold of this month's Deathray as they are premiering one of my short stories, The Sun of the Morning. Secondly, however, get a look at this:  These are the covers of the German translation of Empire in Black and Gold.   Covers, plural, […]

After the Ball…

It hasn't actually taken me a week to get over Sci Fi London's convention atmosphere (1), but, here I am, and it appears to be May. That means a new story soon, but more of that later.   It was a cracking weekend. Both panels went tolerably well, and I made at least a valid pretense of saying something intelligent. My favourite […]

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