Terminator 5 : you heard it here first.

Or at least I think it’s 5. Is the one that;s just been released 4? Only I got talking recently and the subject came up of the Terminator franchise. Now I’ve not seen Terminator 4. I’ve not seem Terminator 3, assuming there was one, and the one that’s just gone isn’t 3(1). My general lack […]

Across the Pond

A brief but happy post to announce that Shadows of the Apt, like a good missile, has now gone intercontinental. In early 2010 expect to see the first three books turn up on US shelves at intervals of around a month, bringing America up to date swiftly. Credit for this goes to Lou Anders and Pyr, […]

Camouflage, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

So to another piece of first person perspective. First person stories have particular challenges, and there is a kind of continuum that falls from the absolute purist first person, where what you get is exactly what the narrator would say or write, down to something that is basically a story like any other, with precious […]

New story, new map, new book!

Firstly, there is a new story up in the relevant section: please find Camouflage here. This is a Thorn Bug (1) story which, as the wretched creatures aren’t exactly at the heart of the kinden’s politics and strife, might seem odd. However, I have a sneaking fondness for the misbegotten little trolls, and so here […]

War of the Words

As a special note for those who are hoping for publication in the fantasy/SF genre(1), Tor UK have got together with Sci Fi Now to bring you a grand competition in which the prize for the winner is… just that: a book deal. Read more about the competition here – they’re looking for a synopsis plus […]