We, the Undersigned

It’s that time of year again (1). Blood of the Mantis, Shadows of the Apt book 3, is being let out of its cage on the 7th of August, and, cometh the book, cometh the signings. We’re keeping with our track record (2) of adding an additional venue for each book, and some of the […]

New Story: A Necessary Void, by Grahame Jones

I’m delighted to bring you a new piece of fiction, set in the post-war Commonweal and focusing on Roach-kinden, amongst others, by new writer Grahame Jones. The story is here. Grahame writes, of himself: ” Well, what can I say about me? Just the usual sort of fluff. In 1792 I was washed up on […]

No Matter How Thin You Slice It, It’s Still Granola (1)

Being the latest in my occasional rants about foodstuffs. This has nothing to do with he book (2). In one of my sporadic and ill-informed attempts to eat more healthily I decided that I would forego all chocolate, biscuits & c and instead eat cereal bas. Cereal bars are healthy, right? Everyone knows it. Anyway, […]