Signings, cyborgs and other oddities

Another brief B-road of the information superhighway: I will be signing at Garforth Independent Bookshop at 11.00am til noon, Saturday 29th August, if you’ve missed me at Leeds, Reading etcetera. As a final and somewhat further flung item on the tour (1) I will be in Poland from the 5th to the 8th November to catch up […]

Loose Notes

A series of quick-fire notes on the eve of my setting off for London for Official Release Debauchery ™:   I’ve put up a new short story. Actually I lie: this is the story that was published in Deathray a few months back, that they’re happy for me to put up here now that sufficient time […]

The Sun of the Morning, by Adrian Tchaikovsky

This is the story that appeared in Deathray a few months back, which they’re happy for me to repost on here by now. I’m planning this to be the first in a sequence, but we’ll see how that goes. There is a somewhat peculiar genesis for this particular story that centres on a live role-playing […]