What do you call a man with a mantis on his head?

Answer: Neil Gaiman. This isn't (just) me being childish, but I have somewhat taken a shine to the cover of "Prince of Stories", a sort of definitive roundup of pretty much everything Gaiman's done to date. Aside from being an invaluable asset to anyone interested in the man's writings (and all manner of other creativity) (1), well, he's […]

A Glossary of Sorts

Well it's been something of a long time between posts, but my excuse is that I've been writing, which is obviously the point of the thing. Specifically I've been hacking bits of book 7 into shape, so there. I meant to post before this, if only to extoll the virtues of Thought Bubble, the comics convention held recently […]

Dramatis Personae

(Beware, this list takes the cast up to the end of Salute the Dark. There may be spoilers) Aagen — Wasp artificer ACHAEOS — Moth seer and raider, lover of Cheerwell Maker Adax — Tarkesh Ant, duellist at the College Adran — Wasp soldier, member of the Broken Sword Adraxa — Ant, one of Scuto's […]

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