Obtaining signed books

Obviously the best way is to turn up at a signing, however… For those that can’t, for reasons geographical or otherwise, I now have a solution, as promised. Byron Godfrey, who runs the independent bookshop in Garforth where I live, is able to provide signed copies on request, on the basis that I can pop […]

Sequels and things: new story – The Price of Salt

Firstly, thanks to everyone who pitched up at the various signings. For those that didn’t, and that do want a signed copy, watch this place. I have plans afoot. It’s been a while since the last new story went up, partly because of, you know, writing books’n’all, but also because of being unable for some […]

Weekend Warriors

10 things I learned at the SFX Weekender 1. Paul Cornell has the enthusiasm of 1000 fanboys, especially when talking about Dr Who. One can honestly believe that the timelord business was kept going through the “Wilderness Years” entirely by Paul talking very animatedly to absolutely anyone and everyone about it at every opportunity. 2. Apparently […]