Soundtracks for an Insect Age: Empire in Black and Gold

Well, this is a piece of vanity and no mistake. However, the idea has grown on me, so here it is: the soundtrack to the movie of Empire and Black and Gold. Well, kind of. I’m something of a soundtrack buff, and my media player is stuffed with the things, and sometimes when I’m writing […]

New Story: Rooftop Lovers by Adam Gauntlett

A new story here for March by Adam is here for your delectation. This follows on from his Counterspies, which you can find here. Rooftop Lovers includes a few spoilers for Dragonfly Falling because of the time it’s set, but nothing overly significant. Enjoy!


Quick post, odd stuff, such as: I forgot completely to link this which is issue 70 of Comic Book Outsiders which includes an interview talking about the future of Shadows of the Apt. I’ve finished Tom Lloyd’s Stormcaller with some delight at watching it take a standard fantasy plot, lure it close by playing coy, and […]