Soundtracks for an Insect Age: Dragonfly Falling

Following on from the critically acclaimed soundtrack for Empire in Black and Gold, I now prolong this exercise in vanity just so far. Be warned, here be Spoilers for anyone who hasn't read Dragonfly Falling.  Dragonfly Falling (un)original Soundtrack Track 1 — The Wasps come to Tark (The Blitz, from The Lion, the Witch and the […]

Babel Clash: Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?

Another Babel Clash entry here following on from an intriguing story I read by George RR Martin.

Babel Clash: Putting the Punk into the Steam

Another rant on Borders' site to be found here.

Babel Clash article: Who Believes in Superman?

As noted, this week (and next week) I'm blogging for the Borders SF blog, Babel Clash, tag teaming it with George Man, of Affinity Bridge fame. My first piece is up under the above title, and you can find it here.

Speednews Roundup

1. The Polish language book 2 is out, entitled Kleska Wazki (1), or at least I've got my copies through, so it should be out soon. The title is a straight translation of Dragonfly Falling and Jon Sullivan's UK art is on the cover. 2. The German language books are also out, and I think we have threevolumes hitting […]

New Story: The Chains of Helleron

As most of the recent stories have been, this is another sequel. In this case it's the sequel to The Sun of the Morning, and unlike Rooftop Lovers or The Price of Salt it follows very closely on. The explots of Captain Mornen and his company are intended to form something almost like a novella (and […]

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