My Life for the Forseeable Future: Events

The next few months have suddenly turned busy, as a number of threatened signings and events have materialised. So, here’s the social calendar: 4th-5th February – SFX Weekender convention at Camber Sands. 11th February – signing stock for Forbidden Planet and Blackwells bookshop in London – not an actual signing but there will be signed […]

Soundtracks for an Insect Age – Salute the Dark

Somewhat late, but here we are. Again, if you haven’t read the book yet, moderate to high spoiler warnings. Track 1 – Uctebri has the Shadow Box (The Daleks, from Dr Who series 1 by Murray Gold) Track 2 – The Merchant Companies depart (Farewells, the Storm, from Rome by Jeff Beal) Track 3 – […]

Unexpected gifts of the new year

Another very brief post, but some odd and welcome flowers of end 2010/start 2011: Michael Moorcock has written a Dr Who novel. Not only that but the jacket text of The Coming of the Terraphiles suggests that it involves both LRP(/re-enactment) and the Eternal Champion (Arrow of Law, a certain Captain Cornelius…). Haven’t read it […]