New Art — cartoons by Jaroslaw Rybski

Something special this time — Jaroslaw is the translator who has worked on books 5 and 6 for Rebis in Poland, and gave me these cartoons (and more) when I met him at Pyrkon. I've been remiss in holding onto them until now without posting them on site, so here is the first batch.

Heirs of the Blade put back to October

As I can now consider myself an established fantasy author, it's time to start delaying release of my books to annoy people. Seriously, though, I've just been told that Heirs of the Blade will be coming out in October this year, not August. I did wonder if we were pushing the envelope release-wise, as I hadn't seen the […]

New story (as promised) — The Last Ironclad

I've been getting my teeth into some more short story writing before the bell tolls and it's round one for the next actual book (book 9, title still up in the air, unfortunately (1)). This new offering is The Last Ironclad and, as the title suggests, it's a direct follow-on from Ironclads, which you should read […]

News roundup

Some Things. I've had the Alt Fiction schedule through (first draft anyway) — this is 25–26 June 2011 at the Derby Quad. I'll put up a dedicated post to it, but the schedule looks interesting enough that I will hopefully be in the audience for most of it, and I have a couple of nice panels myself — one […]

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