I, Beholder

I’ve been meaning to pen a thing about online RPGs, to go with my long-ago posts on paper and live ones. There’s a ton of this sort of stuff about, of course – Elder Scrolls, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate. However, first off: Eye of the Beholder Possibly nobody else even remembers this. It was a […]

A funny thing happened…

In which I am the victim of racist abuse. I over-dramatise, certainly. It wasn’t aimed at me specifically. The jackbooted ghost of Moseley didn’t kick in my door at midnight. However, hearing the phrase “They should all f*ck off where they came from” used to close some oratory on the scurrilous nature of those Eastern […]

Soundtracks for an Insect Age : The Scarab Path

Time for another soundtrack, this time the musical stylings of Khanaphes. Track 1 – Overture (A Distant Sadness, from Battlestar Galactica Season 3 by Bear McCreary) Track 2 – Che Voyaging (The Bunker (Reprise), from Shadow of the Vampire by Daniel Jones) Track 3 – Che and Thalric (The Lonely Voyage, from Shadow of the […]

New Story: Cities of Silver

This is going to be the last short for a while, as I’m on the very cusp of starting on Book 9, which so far going under the working title of “I haven’t the faintest idea what the title will be” or, given that my publishers have a fondness for punchy titles, “I haven’t the […]

Brief news – Empire in Black and Gold on kindle for $1.99 (US)

Just a very brief note to say that, if you are replete with Kindle-owning (1) friends who haven’t yet met the insect-kinden then Pyr/Prometheus have a limited time promotion on, with Empire going for just $1.99. Then they can buy  the rest full price, damn them :). (1) Kindling? Can you gerund it?

Shadows of the Apt : the Movie

Absolutely not. Just to clear up, there’s been no movement on film rights etc. However, I do get asked (must do a FAQ some time) and I do think about what such a film would look like. Or better still, a GoT-style series. That would be very nice. I’m overjoyed that the Game of Thrones […]