Conan 2, Hyperborean boogaloo

… anyway … Hmm, Ok, so I wasn’t unqualifiedly in love with the movie, but Bob “Movie Bob” Chipman, whose opinions I normally chime with, says here: “Nobody really seems to give a damn about Conan the Barbarian” which would be a terrible thing to be true. It would be the death of a lot […]

Prepare for Hyper(borean)speed

In which I continue watching films as a pretext for making awful puns in the title. And yes, spoilers, spoilers, spoilers for the new Conan film. I have been heard to say that before Peter Jackson made Fellowship (1) there wasn’t a fantasy film out there that you could cite as a good film without […]

Movieing Mountains

Yuk. Puns. Ah well. Anyway, cutting the day job down to four days a week has meant that this thing called the cinema (1) has re-entered my life. Experiment has taught that I can actually go into Leeds, get a big ol’ slab of writing down in the coffee shop of my choice, and also […]