Films v Games

Thieves later, films now. Or: not film. This is just something that I’ve started noticing, and it’s hard to ignore. There’s a lot of fuss at the moment about computer games eating into the profits of the film industry – just the same fuss, as MovieBob has pointed out in his Studio System set of […]

New post under construction

Yes, yes, after hearing Adam Christopher wax lyrical about the importance of regular updates, I swore I’d get at least one entry a week in, and lo! I have missed it. However, there’s a good reason. I was all set to do a spot about the return of thieves in fantasy, using Scott Lynch, Douglas […]

Heirs of the Blade – further reading.

Keen-eyed readers may have noticed that Heirs of the Blade brings in a number of characters previously seen in the short stories on this site. This is obviously because of my immense skill in foreshadowing and plotting ahead and not at all because several of those characters just wouldn’t leave me alone until they got […]

Desperate fights require desperate measures

Firstly, thank you to everyone who turned up to the signings at Reading and London. Secondly, I have reached a point in book 9 where I am faced with a phenomenally complicated skirmish between about a dozen named and distinct characters, and below, as an insight into the writer’s mind, is my visual aid to […]

Oxford and Leeds signings and more reviews

Another post! What do I think this is, Twitter? Anyway, the signing mills are grinding somewhat faster these days so this is really an upd Hmm. Just as well this isn’t twitter. Can’t be brief to save my life (1). Anyway, an update of the last one – so grand Heirs of the Blade tour […]

Event news revised – and first review for Heirs of the Blade

The Reading signing, this Friday 14th at 6-8pm, will be at the Oracle shopping centre Waterstones, not the Broad Street one I’ve been at before (1). Saturday’s threeway signathon at Forbidden Planet, London, 1-2pm is still on as advertised. I will also be signing somewhat festively at the Leeds Waterstones 12-2 on Friday the 16th […]

The most asked question

Mark Charan Newton, author of the excellent Legends of the Red Sun series has a clip and a muse on the great question almost every author gets at one time or another (1): Where do ideas come from. That got me thinking. Technically, my published long fiction to date represents only a single set of […]

Minsc, Might and Morrowind

The Eye of the Beholder fond mockathon I did a while back started the memories flowing regarding computer RPGs (of the single rather than the MMO (1) variety) that I’ve had fun with. Now Fantasycon’s gone and the Reading and London signings are still coming up, here are a few that I recall having some […]

Event news and combined map

O-kay, on the back of all that Fantasyconcatenation I have some more confirmed dates for signings. Or at least date. As well as joining Adam Nevill and Mark Charan Newton at Forbidden Planet on the 15th October, 1-2pm, I shall be in Reading the day before at the Waterstones Bookshop (the one on Broad Street […]

Fantasycon 2011 retrospective

Firstly, bloody hell but actually getting home from Fantasycon turned out to be the sort of journey that would have Gandalf and assorted hobbits calling in the eagles sort of early. UK rail services continuing to enact their divine duty to turn the lives of anyone daring to travel on the Sabbath to total crap. […]